This light weight, 24 string, carbon fiber harp is ideal for travelling. Its rugged case will fit into the overhead compartment of many large airliners. The lap support bar has three different positions and stabilizes the instrument when being played.

This instrument will also make an excellent therapy harp. It has a warm resonant tone and its compact size allows the harp practitioner to be close to the patient for interactive work. Its nonabsorbent surface allows it to be disinfected with ease. The strap and support is great for strolling. It also comes with a pickup that reproduces the acoustic tone of the instrument perfectly.


  • 24 nylon strings
  • Range C (below middle C) to E
  • Weight, 6 ½ lbs.
  • 30" tall, 18" deep,1 1/4" wide sound box

The harp comes complete and includes:

  • Cross bar lap support
  • Your choice of 24 Loveland or Rees levers
  • Rugged travel case
  • Strap and support to play standing
  • Tuning key, display stand and electronic pick up
  • Wood or carbon bridge and matching trim
  • Cosmetic options such as inlay and painting are availabe at an extra cost

Pricing: $1,950.00 USD

Canadian customers please contact us for pricing