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Hayden Harps is a one-person operation specializing in the custom hand crafting of small, 24 string carbon fibre harps. Through our site you will learn all about our unique, one-of-a-kind instruments, why carbon fibre is an excellent material choice for stringed instruments and see the research and development work that has gone into making them sound as good as instruments of traditional construction.


We are excited to introduce our new Hayden Harps Renley Double. At eight (8) lbs., this lightweight, 48 string, carbon fiber harp will travel well. Its rugged case will fit into the overhead compartment of many airliners. It comes complete with a display stand, floor stand for playing and accessories to play standing.

This instrument will also make an excellent therapy harp. It has a warm resonant tone and its compact size allows the harp practitioner to be close to the patient for interactive work. Its nonabsorbent surface allows it to be disinfected with ease. The strap and support are great for strolling. It also comes with a pickup that reproduces the acoustic tone of the instrument perfectly. For the specifications of the Renley Double, visit our SPECIFICATIONS page.

Listen below to the rich, mellow sound of a Hayden Harp played by Joanne Griffin, a freelance harpist.

Combining almost 30 years of guitar luthiery experience, with an extensive career in the field of reinforced plastics, I decided to apply my unique skills to the development of fine acoustic instruments made with alternative materials. Several years ago this led to the birth of Meadow Guitars fine line of carbon fibre guitars and resonators.


Most recently, I was inspired to create a new line of portable harps by my niece, Krista Dziuba (Krista Harps). Krista asked me if I could make her a small harp she could play standing up. I put it on my 'To Do List', however I did not know anything about harp design.

At a guitar show in Ottawa during the summer of 2014 I met Mr. Don Peddle (Random Sound Musical Instruments). Don has years of experience building all kinds of different sized harps. His 24 string travel harp seemed like a great place to start and it was exactly what my niece was looking for.

A master pattern and molds were built and my first unique harp made from carbon fibre was finished in the fall of 2014. Don’s design has helped us produce a small but mighty instrument. The new harp exhibits a warm rich tone, is well balanced and has more than enough volume. The frame is very rigid, stable and impervious to climactic conditions. It includes full Loveland levers and comes in a rugged travel case with a pickup. A number of wood choices are available for the bridge and trim. Any other cosmetic details the customer may desire could be accommodated.

My goal was to create an instrument from alternative materials that retained "wooden" tonal qualities. I believe I have accomplished this. Previously, a great deal of time was spent developing my carbon guitars. Using similar materials, processes and techniques has resulted in a small harp that exhibits a warm, rich tone that has pleased all the harpists who have tried them.

Thanks for visiting! Please take a moment to explore. I look forward to hearing from you.

— Mike Pawson